On-Yomi: ショ — Kun-Yomi: か.く、-が.き、-がき

Koohii stories:

1) [jinka] 27-4-2006(213): Make sure you practice writing kanji with a brush every day before the sun goes down.

2) [gaijinda] 28-10-2007(36): The calligrapher had a peculiar habit: when using her brush to write, she would stick out her tongue, just slightly.

3) [zer0range] 22-3-2009(30): With a brush, it takes all day to write anything.

4) [yawfosu88] 30-6-2007(25): Imagine dipping a brush into an inkwell full of the sun, so that what you write can be seen at any time of day.

5) [synewave] 10-7-2006(11): Rita Skeeter, from Harry Potter, has a magic brush that writes anything that comes from the tongue wagging in her mouth.